Privacy Policy

There are three aspects of this Privacy Policy. It described the kind of information we will collect from you, what we can and may do with this information, and what are company policies are with respect to customer information. In a situation where you feel that something is ambiguous and not easily understood, please contact us on [email address].

The Information We Collect From You

By choosing to sign up with us, you are agreeing to provide your personal contact information which may include.

While you are our customer, we may request you to participate in surveys and market researches wherein you may have to provide other personal information such as.

If you seek out technical support from our customer support department then we may require you to provide us with some technical information about your system so as to be able to resolve your issues better. Information we may require include

We will also capture certain behavioral details from you when you visit our website so as to create better services and specifically cater to your needs better. Information we may gather include.

We also reserve the right to place a cookie on your system so as to have the ability of recognizing returning visitors to our website. This cookie may be connected to your personal information that we have in our database. To learn what a cookie is please continue reading the document.

What We Can And May Do With Your Information

As per legal requirements, rules, and regulations, we reserve the right to use your personal information in the following ways.

Our Company Policies Regarding Disclosure Of Information

We are committed to your personal privacy which is why we will not share your personal information with any third party. However, the laws compel us to make these exceptions.

While we will never share your personal and identifiable information with any third party, we reserve the right to share statistical information drawn from market researches and surveys that we conduct. The data, if shared, will be shared in an aggregate form.

What is a cookie?

The cookie is a simple and harmless file that we place on your computer to help us identify you when you return to our website. The cookie contains an alphanumeric code that is unique to your browser. This information will allow us to cater to your needs better and constantly improve our services when you visit.

Your personal identifiable information is stored in a secure and encrypted format that is only accessible to specifically chosen individuals.